*Link correction*Hello! In today’s newsletter I informed you about my involvement in this report about privacy enhancing technologies by The Royal Society. Parts…
Open AI’s gears of exploitation | The Paris Olympics surveillance project | Scroll to the end for something sincere
Thoughts on why the Online Safety Bill is probably a pile of trash, constructed from other trash
Insurrection in Brazil | Meta’s content moderation loss | FTC to ban noncompetes
Google Search under threat | Is TikTok ‘spying on you’? Gimme a break

December 2022

A year in review with friends of Horrific/Terrific!
Paying for Twitter | How Microsoft is ruining gaming | The SBF arrest
ChatGPT wrote this newsletter for me | Apple have learned the importance of encryption | Never throw a ‘metaverse party’
Christmas AI for supermarkets | MLMs are running out of data | How to 3D print a moon base

November 2022

Whats the difference between web3 and web 3.0? | advertisers consciously uncouple from Twitter | Meta’s new ‘diplomacy’ AI
The transition to renewables is really fucking us | US government departments use a special Facebook portal to fight disinfo
This has been a weird week for social media | The Digital Markets Act will soon manifest | Apple are really taking the piss now