Why the flying FART should you subscribe?

Every week is rated on a five-point scale from horrific to terrific... because if Uber has taught us anything, it’s that rating things out of five is a PERFECT system for deciding things.

Looking at three or four key bits of tech news, I will decide if the week was…

🤮 Horrific (FYI this is the worst one)

👎 Something I could have done without

🤷🏻‍♀️ Sort of okay, I guess

👍 Good! Finally…

🥳 Terrific (seems impossible, let’s see shall we?)

Please note: I am highly critical of Big Tech, web3, and AI so if you like those things… be prepared to have your mind changed.

How do I decide where the week lands on the scale?

By using a machine that has been trained on very good data for over three decades: my own brain. It’s very simple and it works every time.

Will you even learn anything new about technology?

I mean… probably?


Sorry I don't like capitalism, please bare that in mind...