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Hello, I’m Georgia. I feel like technology always manages to manifest itself in such extreme ways: X tech will make Y demographic richer and more powerful, while shitting on Z demographic over there. Even tech commentary seems to be either irrationally positive, or so critical that it lacks nuance. Tech is either going to save us or destroy us, apparently.

The reality is, the ones who get destroyed are already experiencing the desutrction — it’s just very slow. And the ones who get saved won’t even notice, because they will be too busy trying to find a place to charge their phones in a luxury holiday resort or something.

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I used to earn money as a clickworker for Google Search (a very bad job; some might say horrific), and then I got a job as a content writer at a startup (at the time, a good job; even terrific, perhaps), so in a way I am very well positioned to be discussing all facets of technology — think about it.

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Technology is terrific for the privileged, and horrific for everyone else — but why? WHY?? It's not fair ugh


Hello, I used to be a clickworker for google and now I like to analyse technology through an anti-capitalist lens.