GPT-4 is out | A good old fashioned bank-run! | Online Safety Bill VS WhatsApp
Jack Dorsey’s new social platform | Apple VS Spotify | Generative AI VS all of mankind
A quick look at ‘Meta Verified’ how it compounds already tooth-grinding tensions between creators and corporates (it's fun!)
Elon Musk ‘fixes’ Twitter algorithm | ChatGPT expresses emotions, not facts | Update on Microsoft’s Activition-Blizzard acquisition
ION Group perpetuate ransomware attacks by paying ransom | Google’s ChatGPT rival | Apple’s newer, stupider iPhone
My analysis of a shoddy new article discovery app | EU to charge Big Tech for new infrastructure | Twitter to take more of your money
Open AI’s gears of exploitation | The Paris Olympics surveillance project | Scroll to the end for something sincere
Thoughts on why the Online Safety Bill is probably a pile of trash, constructed from other trash
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Garbage Day
Garbage Day
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