🤷 3D Square

Apple just can't survive without that 30% | Dorsey quits Twitter to live in a Block | More space junk

🤷 3D Square

Hi there, future boycotters of the metaverse.

This week was sort of okay I guess? 🤷. On the one hand, work for me is going to start quietening down now. But on the other hand, I've worked so hard that I am now ill. Hahahahaha... ha?

Scroll down gently and sensually for:

  • Apple VS Epic: Apple are trying to squeeze money out of the app store like a thirsty survival expert squeezing liquid out of animal faeces.
  • Jack Dorsey quits Twitter so he can create hype around JPGs and tungsten cubes
  • A quick history lesson about space junk: today's rocket launch is tomorrow's debris...

🧱 Breaking: social media is too boring for Jack Dorsey

I feel like Jack Dorsey turned into a self-righteous crypto bro so quickly, I didn't even notice. Was he always like that?? Probably, right?