🤷🏻‍♀️ Second Chance

Proof of RAKE (as in raking it in) | Tinder introduce a 'please think twice' feature

🤷🏻‍♀️ Second Chance

Hello. If you're in the UK: summer is finally here, yay! If you're not in the UK: I hope you're somewhere better.

This week was sort of okay I guess? 🤷. It's one of those situations where the good stuff is wrapped in bad stuff so it all balances out

  • Tinder are going to solve patriarchy one new feature at a time
  • Some great news for NFT investors: all the greed, without the crushing environmental guilt (which they probably never had anyway)
  • Something something Amazon consolidates more power

🐟 Proof of Stake Hake

In my reality, there are no NFTs, and people just use hake to prove how much you can trust them. 10 hake = lots of trust, 50 hake = mega trust, 100 hake = extreme trust, and so on. The only downside: the overfishing of hake.

In actual reality, the Etherium blockchain will be switching from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS) in the next few months, and this could potentially save us all from burning alive or choking to death on the lack of atmosphere. Because PoS is apparently 99.5% more energy efficient than PoW. I'm going to let someone smarter than me flesh out why that is for you. Very briefly it's like this:

Proof of work: you mine currency with all of those super computers you bought, because you are already very rich.

Proof of stake: you validate transactions, and earn transaction fees. If you do not validate transactions properly, you lose your stake, which is very high because once again you are very rich.

So PoS requires less strapped-together overclocked GPUs in a warehouse... fine. You can all continue to be greedy and individualistic without completely obliterating the earth (planes and beef consumption are doing a fine job of that already).

☝️ But wait: it's possible I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, because I forgot to consult Coinbase's Fact Check — a new section of their blog that was announced in a recent piece of their propaganda. In it, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said two things that stood out to me:

  1. Every tech company should become a media company because look at Stripe's bloated content marketing budget — they have a book publishing arm which has no conceptual overlap with Stripe's offering! Isn't it great?
  2. Bitcoin is not bad for the environment, it just takes a lot of energy to mine. Those who mine Bitcoin find the most energy efficient way to do so.

To point one: in other words, every powerful company should have greater control over the media we consume? This is a classic dumb thing that only a tech CEO would say. If you're trying to become a media company, why are you — the CEO — personally writing blog posts on a third-party platform? Stick to what you know: making money and alienating your workforce.

To point two: whoever is mining Bitcoin is doing so as cheaply as possible. And if that means using hydroelectricity, then yes... that is what they will do. This does not make Bitcoin 'good'.

💝 What are Tinder playing at? The answer is LOVE, they're playing at LOVE, okay?

'Tinder' is one of my least favourite product names, next to 'Fire Stick'. IRL tinder and fire sticks are much more useful than the digital alternatives — the Fire Stick is just a clunky, inelegant surveillance device that you put into your TV, and Tinder is a dumb app full of actual dicks.

But perhaps the dicks are no more: because Tinder have just announced this interesting but questionable new feature called 'Are You Sure?' SO weird because the name of the feature is the exact question I usually ask when I hear about silly new features.

Basically, AYS? uses AI (shocker) to detect if someone is saying something that may be harmful, and then asks them if they are sure they really want to send the message that calls the other person a cunt who should die in hell just because she took more than a day to respond. Read this quote from the announcement which outlines how Tinder are now dismantling the patriarchy with behavioural change:

Members who saw the AYS? prompt were less likely to be reported for inappropriate messages over the next month, which indicates AYS? is changing longer-term behavior, not just behavior in one conversation.
Someone who writes for Tinder's blog; they are not credited because it's not a real blog

🖐️ Okay but:

  • As we have learned over and over again, AI is terrible at doing any sort of content moderation for many reasons that I'm pretty sure I don't need to list right this second (you're a smart audience)
  • Throwing AI at the problem does not solve it — rather, it avoids solving it because it absolves the humans in charge from having to care
  • Actually, in VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) circles, it is widely understood that changing the behaviour of abusers is difficult, expensive, and lengthy. So do we really think it can be done via some shoddy content moderation?

An app will only change your behaviour in that it makes your already existing behaviours easier, faster, and cheaper. In the case of Tinder, the behaviours it caters to are getting dates, having sex, and establishing new romantic relationships — in other words, behaviours that make you vulnerable. Therefore, Tinder also caters to abusive behaviour, without even trying. This new feature will probably hardly make a dent.

🎬 Amazon: 'here I go acquiring again!'

Amazon are soon to absorb MGM Studios into their mega arsenal of stuff they provide cheaply to consumers, with no consequences whatsoever. Why are they doing this? Well, naturally, so you STOP watching all the cool shit that's on Netflix, and STOP being all nostalgic on Disney+, and, in turn, use Amazon for EVERYTHING.

It is the only way, citizens of Earth. Submit to consolidation. See you in there!


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