🛰 Seasons Beepings

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🛰 Seasons Beepings

Hello, masters of the internet.

☝️ Before we dive in, I would like to amplify the work of a fellow tech humorist. Please turn your attention to Web3 is going just great by Molly White — a timeline which demonstrates how that whole Web3 thing is going just GREAT (it’s not).

Anyway... dunno about you, but I just face-planted into my final deadline of the year, and I’m feeling flattened, deflated, and ready for alcohol. I know you were probably expecting a newsletter today, but Horrific/Terrific is taking a break until the VERY LAST DAY OF THE YEAR (the edge of 2022 you might say. Edgy).

😬 That means you have to wait two weeks before I attack you with hilarious tech commentary.

But fear not, I have other treats for you over this so called festive season. That is... if you’re cool...

I’ve been fidget-spinning ideas for bonus content over the last few weeks, and I plan to write and publish this over the holiday break. Articles such as:

  • The three key things that will destroy humanity, but that we routinely ignore (hint: Elon Musk may be one of them??)
  • These are all the pieces that hold the internet together, and these are the companies that hold those pieces up (the pieces are fragile, the companies are... few).
  • A deep-dive into the space race (and a chance to finally make fun of billionaires because I literally never do that).

You want this bonus content? You have to be cool. ‘Okay but HOW do I ‘be cool’ Georgia??’ I hear you spit at your laptop screen. It’s easy — all you have to do is part with some money in this time of giving. Become a paid subscriber and for just £4 a month (or £40 a year!) this bonus content will be YOURS.

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I hope you all have a good holiday break, and that none of you get Covid — good luck out there.

Georgia 🥂