🤷🏻‍♀️ Qubit Barrier

IBM have created an eagle | an infrastructure bill! (but for surveillance) | How now brown DAO?

🤷🏻‍♀️ Qubit Barrier

Greetings internet chums — I type to you today through tired eyes. Full disclosure: I'm drowning in client work because I want to go on a really nice holiday where people serve me cocktails directly to my hotel suite while I watch The West Wing on repeat. So, if there are any spelling or grammar errors in today's post, please blame it on the crushing weight of capitalism and not me, the one who is being crushed.

This week was sort of okay I guess? 🤷‍♀️ I just don't know anymore — things that sound good often turn out bad, and things that sound bad are just part of the status quo so you don't really notice them. It's a MEAN TRICK.

Scroll woefully downwards to discover:

  • The crusty old white man in charge of the USA now has a penchant for smart cities
  • A DAO failed at buying a piece of paper; the world continues to meme itself at an alarming rate
  • The qubit barrier — BROKEN. It's gone; shattered; obliterated — but what does it mean?

🏃 The faster computers get, the slower humans get at preparing for the singularity

Let's start with something light and non-technical: IBM have just spat out a 127-qubit quantum processor. These processors are meant for quantum computers, which are something that I explained earlier this year, when Google claimed to have created a time crystal.

Confused yet? Then we have something in common! The key point is: qubits are the most foundational units of measurement in a quantum computer. Normal computers use bits, and a bit has two possible states: 1 or 0. A qubit has three possible states: 1, 0, or both. This means that quantum computers are roughly a billion years faster than normal computers.